WordPress Beginner

Ok, so I’m still working to understand exactly how to use WordPress and how to make mine better. Please bear with me whilst I teach myself how to make the perfect blog… Please feel free to leave a comment on any specific WordPress pages, blogs or youtube channels that I should be following or reading through to help better this page! I need all the help I can get… Advertisements


My First MAF Test

Whilst I want to lose weight, I also want to gain fitness and better health. To monitor my fitness I’m carrying out a Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) test, to begin with, along with a Vo2 test in a few weeks. The MAF test is a great test that can be carried out whenever to monitor progress. I have done one now, will do another in a week to confirm the

About Me

My name is Dan and I am a 32-year-old male living in Sydney, Australia. I’ve started this blog to give myself another level of accountability in my never-ending quest for body satisfaction. As a kid, I was always overweight. At school, I maxed out at 118kg (260lbs) by the time I was 16. This at a height of only 175cm. I never understood why I was fat but eventually, I