Making Progress

Today marks six weeks since I started on this personal challenge. My initial weigh-in was 102 KG (224Lbs) and on the scales this morning, I weighed in at 93.3KG (205Lbs), giving me 8.7KGs (19Lbs) of weight loss.

I’m definitely very happy with this initial progress. The past six weeks have flown by in a breeze.

I’ve maintained my Keto diet pretty strictly but have by no means felt like I’ve struggled at any stage.

My training for the past six weeks has solely been road cycling below my Maximum Aerobic Function Heart Rate of 144 beats per minute.

In this past week, I’ve really felt for the first time deep in ketosis and managed 4.4mmol of my Abbott Precision Xtra yesterday. I felt so good yesterday that after my ride, I didn’t need to eat until dinner. From here on in, I’m planning more fasting and am eager to try a five day fast, in two weeks time.

June and August

My weight always comes straight off my face…

My next Dexascan is planned for seven weeks time. Hopefully, I can continue with this level of progress for the next seven weeks but I’m pretty sure it will have to slow soon!

My First Dexascan

For those that don’t know, Dexa stands for Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. Its main use is to measure bone density but it also has the added benefit of being able to break down very specifically, your full body composition. You lay on this small metal bed (as below) and within 3-5 minutes, the machine x-rays you and provides you with the results.


The results provide your full bone density and then a split of your body composition, right down to the body part. This shows Fat Mass, Lean Body Mass (bone, muscle, and organs), Total Mass and Fat %. It then goes further and also provides volumes of brown and white (adipose and visceral) fat. My full results are shown below with exception of bone density related results. Those were good, but I don’t consider them relevant.

This DEXA scan was carried out on the 25th of June.

My Dexascan

DXA June 2018.PNG

The results show that at the time of the scan:

  • I was 102kg (224lbs)
  • 24.5% of which is fat

dxa 2

My short-term goal is to get back in the 80’s. 85kgs (187lbs) and or 15% body fat are my two magic numbers but based on the above results, I’ll also need to lose muscle to achieve this.

I plan to go back for another DEXA scan in September, 12 weeks after the first as I’m very keen to see how I’m tracking. In the meantime, I will continue to monitor the scales!

I had my DEXA scan completed at Measure Up, in Sydney CBD.

My First MAF Test

Whilst I want to lose weight, I also want to gain fitness and better health. To monitor my fitness I’m carrying out a Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) test, to begin with, along with a Vo2 test in a few weeks. The MAF test is a great test that can be carried out whenever to monitor progress. I have done one now, will do another in a week to confirm the result, then another in six weeks time.

Following the protocol outlined in Phil Maffetone’s  The Big Book of Endurance and Training and Mark Sisson’s Primal Endurance, one of my first steps is to carry out a MAF. The MAF test is a 20-minute exercise test where you’re working out at your calculated Maximum Aerobic Threshold (MAT).

The basis of the MAF test is that you subtract your age from 180: 180 – 32 (my age) = 148 (MAT). From there you’re then advised to reduce the number further whether you believe you’re fit or not. I have lowered mine to 143. The MAF test is then carried out somewhere where you can record your time for 20-minutes and where you’re able to consistently move at a constant pace for that period of time.

Here in Sydney, Austalia, we are blessed to have Centennial Park as our training grounds. Centennial Park is 3.89km one-way road that circles through a public park. There are two lanes, one for cyclists and one for cars.


I carried out my first MAF Test before heading to work. In total for the 20 minutes, I completed 10.2km.

Below is a link to my Strava activity for the test.


About Me

My name is Dan and I am a 32-year-old male living in Sydney, Australia. I’ve started this blog to give myself another level of accountability in my never-ending quest for body satisfaction.

As a kid, I was always overweight. At school, I maxed out at 118kg (260lbs) by the time I was 16. This at a height of only 175cm. I never understood why I was fat but eventually, I decided that I’d had enough and made a change for the better. After a lot of dedication, hours in the gym and even more hours out on the road cycling, I dropped to my lowest weight of 72kgs. I ended up putting weight back on but happily sat between 80-85kgs.

Then five years ago, I moved to Sydney and stopped cycling due to a number of reasons. I took up powerlifting (counterproductive to cycling) and maxed out my weight again at 106kgs. Currently at 102kgs (224lbs).

I have had success in the past by reducing carbs and began a keto lifestyle last year. I’ve had great success but fell off the bandwagon late last year and ultimately have put the weight back on. Today is the day that I start again, and look to reverse this weight once and for all.

I have just gotten back from a 10 day holiday where I read a number of Mark Sissons’ Primal Lifestyle books. Namely the 21 Day Total Body Challenge and Primal Endurance. I have also read Mark’s Keto Reset, which is a fantastic book too. The two Primal books have given me a huge amount of motivation and ideas to aid in my fat loss which has lead me to start this blog.

My plan is to follow the guidance of the Primal Endurance book to reduce weight and to increase my aerobic fitness. I have had a Dexascan yesterday to give me a starting point and give me added motivation to improve myself. From here I will be adding weekly photos, weigh-in results, training and food eaten.

I will also be carrying out a number of fitness tests of the next fortnight. The first two being Vo2 and a MAF test.

Through this, I will be following a Ketogenic diet with carb flexibility introduced on larger or heavier training days.

Wish me luck.