Five Day Fasting

One of the benefits of the Keto diet is that once Keto / fat adapted, you’re able to begin introducing different levels of fasting, without impacting on your hunger levels. I’ve carried out a 3 Day Fast before but they say that the optimal length is 5-7 days.

Supposed benefits from lengthy fasting include improved cognitive function, through damaged cell turnover and weightloss. In this instance I’m going for the latter as I’m currently on my last week of a weight loss challenge at work and am eager to take the top prize out. The others say it’s cheating, I say they could’ve tried it themselves.

On Day 1 I weighed in 91.1kg (200lbs)

The first three days were actually quite easy. I woke up each day and brisk walked for between 60-120mins and faired ok. I even prepared/cooked all my wife’s meals.

Yesterday (the 4th day) was harder though as we went on a more difficult walk and I had to go to the supermarket to carry out the weekly shop. Trying to think ahead as to what food I’ll prepare for the week was extremely difficult.

This morning on the 5th and final day, I weighed in at 87.3kgs (193lbs).

Today has been the hardest day because I know it’s long till I can eat, so consequently, I’ve just been thinking about what I will eat!! (It will be a Broccoli, Cauliflower and Mozzarella Soup).

I am pretty happy with my results but am eager to see how much of this weight loss that I’ll be able to retain. I’ll be happy if it’s at least 1.5kgs..

Below is Day 1 vs Day 5. I think it’s just come off my face ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5 thoughts on “Five Day Fasting

      1. So many reasons it would take paragraphs to answer that; If you want I can write a blog post about it in detail. Essentially it’s a quick fix weightloss thing that wrecks metabolism and is unsustainable and ultimately entirely unhealthy and toxic to the body in many ways.

      2. I’ve been doing keto on and off for the past year. Its great for weightloss and I’ve had great success from it. Sure, it might not be for everyone but that doesn’t mean its for no one… I did a meat free month a while back and whilst I initially lost weight, it was only a small amount and didnt continue to lose, because I found that by dropping meat, I increased my carbs and carbs are my biggest issue.

      3. Starvation is great for weight loss too.
        Like I said, keto is a trendy-sounding fad that utterly destroys metabolism, is unsustainable for the human species because ketosis is literally dehydration of the cells and deprivation of the brain, and makes long term sustainable results even more difficult.

        A diet should not be yoyoed like that, especially not a dangerous one like keto.
        Have more value in your health and wellbeing than the instant gratification of losing immediate water weight. There’s a reason typical meatheads die young, mate.

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